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Ordained Minister & Wedding Officiant


Congratulations on your wedding plans! I'm excited for you both, and I hope if you're planning a New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania Bilingual / English / Spanish wedding, that you would allow me to be a part of your very special day.


Do you want to get married without all the hoopla quick and easy? I can do that as well...


I am very professional. I will do a short version or long version ceremony; it's all up to you, I tailor the ceremony to your needs!​

Tri-State Weddings

(845) 393-0912


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I'm an ordained minister since 2011. (think about your favorite childhood Pastor, Priest or Rabbi) That means, that among other things, I believe that even if your ceremony is not of a religious nature, that when you unite your life to another person's in marriage - it's a holy and revered moment.

There are very few things you will ever do in your lives that will impact you in this way. The purposes of where heaven and earth converge is when a man and woman get married - and approaching it in this way affects and impacts the ceremony in meaningful way. Your favorite Pastor, Priest or Rabbi and I both love to reach out to people at important moments in their lives and give God an opening to do something great. We both want to be of real help. We both want to allow God to work in and through us for the betterment of mankind.

A marriage is not a old fashioned ritual or a just a legal formality - it is so much more than that, and I promise you I'll be keeping that in mind on the day that I solemnize your marriage.
I officiate English, Spanish and or Bilingual Non-Denominational, and ALL Christian ceremonies in New York State (incl. All five (5) Boroughs of New York City), New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and parts of Connecticut and Delaware.


I would be extremely honored to be part of your special day!

warmest regards,

Rev. Richard Rodriguez

Rich Eileen.jpg

Rev Richard & Mrs Eileen  Rodriguez
30 years and still going strong!

Our Team

Reverend Jeffrey Talavera

Reverend Jeffrey Talavera is a minister and bi-lingual wedding officiant who has been an Ordained Minister since 2014. He married his beautiful wife 5 years ago and they have two beautiful little boys.


Reverend Jeff loves to help couples create beautiful, meaningful ceremonies that reflect their unique love story. He believes that marriage is a sacred covenant between two people, and he takes great pride in helping couples celebrate their love in a personal, special and meaningful way. 

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